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MK Professionals

Niyaara Cosmetics is committed to providing high quality, innovative and safe products to all of our customers across the globe. Our MK Professional line offers a wide range of hair care products for all types of hair and tough environmental conditions, including Hair BTX, Biotin Hair Treatments, Protein Treatments, Organic Keratin Treatments and much more. All MK Professional Treatments are formulated with high quality natural ingredients and less chemicals that work to improve the quality of hair by returning all the essential proteins, amino acids and vitamins into the hair cuticle, revitalizing the feel, look and consistency of your hair. Combined with special hydrating ingredients and natural oils, MK Professional Treatments will provide natural shine and make your hair beautiful.


Brazilian Keratin was original discovered by the Brazilian Scientist. Dr Fausto Silva while working on a Medical Research using natural proteins from Sheep wool and found by coincidence that the hair of the patients was becoming stronger and healthier. It took 6 years to develop this finding into a natural product which could be used on human hair what is known today as Brazilian Keratin.

Your hair structure is a combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture. In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for approximately 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability. Unfortunately straighteners, colors, perms, blow drying, sun damage, pollution, pool chemicals and even every day wear and tear like brushing can damage your hair’s keratin and moisture levels.

Our Majestic Organic Brazilian Keratin system uses Nano molecular natural Organic keratin and protein particles so small that you could get millions onto a pinhead. Keratin penetrates the hair into the damaged areas of the hair structure filling them completely. Then the Nano molecules are locked into the hair with the effect of the Flatiron heat forming a permanent and insoluble keratin, just like natures’ own!

The result is beautiful, straight, soft and silky hair in super condition with an incredible shine. The hair instantly becomes healthier and more manageable.


Majestic Hair Biotin treatment is the world first natural liquid Biotin (B7) formula that is infused directly into the hair shaft. Our research team was able to convert the Biotin, also known as Vitamin “B7” into very small molecules that can be easily absorbed into the hair follicles during the treatment. Biotin “B7” is essential for your hair health and strength. The formula is also combined with natural proteins, keratin and collagen that will also remove frizz, reduce volume, straighten, soften and deeply restore damaged hair. It is a new magnificent formula for healthy natural looking and strong hair.


The latest and most advanced protein formula to remove frizz, reduce volume and deeply restore damaged hair, without the use of harsh chemicals. It can be applied on previously straightened hair, colored or de-colored hair, and hair that has been treated with any other chemicals. The healthier the condition of the hair, the better the final result will be. The volume reduction is progressive and cumulative, making the hair easier to work on, besides providing shine and natural look to the strands. For very thick, curly hair, previously treated with a relaxer, applying this treatment will provide an amazing result and a very natural look.