Majestic Protein Therapy. Hair Treatments can’t get easier.

The latest and most advanced protein formula to remove frizz, reduce volume and deeply restore damaged, without the use of harsh chemicals. It can be applied on previously straightened hair, colored or de-colored hair, and hair that has been treated with any other chemicals. The healthier the condition of the hair, the better the final result will be. The volume reduction is progressive and cumulative, making the hair easier to work on, besides providing shine and natural look to the strands. For very thick, curly hair, previously treated with a relaxer, applying this treatment will provide an amazing result and a very natural look.

With Majestic Protein Therapy, a brilliant hair treatment can’t get easier than this. If you know how to use flatiron, you can do it yourself. Not like any other Protein formulas out in the market today, our formula is designed to leave on hair just 35 minutes then you immediately rinse your hair, thus make the flatiron step much easier that all other hair treatments as product is already washed at this step. Making it easier to run the flatiron on hair free of any products for a clean process free from any fumes and any awful smell.

The Majestic Protein Therapy is free of formaldehyde or any harsh chemical. Formulated with a blend of natural proteins, Argan oil , Collagen and other neutral oils and hair conditioning agents with a magnificent smell that we are proud to say, this is one of the most safest hair treatment formulas every created. Enjoy your new frizz free, magnificent hair with one of our top signature formulas ” Majestic Protein Therapy”

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